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Amidst the bustling Quezon City stands the Aurora Heights Residences. This condominium development is in a very strategic location because it is along the major thoroughfare in the city. It is also close to PNR terminals, making it easier for you to travel to other places in the metropolis. The cost of properties in this place is consistently soaring high so getting your own unit at the Aurora Height Residences now will save you a lot of money.

In addition, the proximity of this place to schools and many offices gives you an alternative source of income in case you don’t intend to live in your unit. You can easily rent out your unit to students or families who attend college or go to work in this area.Moreover, the ergonomic design of each unit plus the various facilities and amenities available makes the Aurora Heights Residences a good place to start or raise your family.

Getting a unit at the Aurora Heights Residences gives you an advantage in terms of financial investment, convenience, facilities and amenities.  

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